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    Ks15 Bluetooth Earphone Nec...

    Bluetooth version: 5.1

    Ear plug battery capacity: 130MAH

    Music call: about 5 hours

    Bluetooth distance: about 10 meters

    Charging time: 1.5 hours

    High Battery Power :Enjoy uninterrupted music for longer periods with the earphones’ high battery power.

    Sound Conduction :The earphones’ sound conduction technology ensures clear and crisp audio quality.

    Long Battery Life :The earphones have a long battery life, making them perfect for outdoor activities or extended use.

    Wireless Bluetooth :The earphones are wireless and connect via Bluetooth, providing freedom of movement and convenience.

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    Multi-functional data cable...

    1. ItemName:Multi-functional data cable organizer Fast Charging Adapter Kit
    2. Transmission:480MbpsOutput current: 3A(Max)Type- C to Type C: 20V3A(60W Max)Type-C to IOS: 5V/2.4AType-C to Micro 2A (Max)USB to Type-C: 3A (Max)
    3. Material:ABS organizer+PVc cableWeight:45gColor:white/black/blue
    4. Function:Storage/charging/card storage/jack conversion/ transmission
    5. Packaging:Apple adapter + Micro adapter+ USB adapter+ Card Removal Pin+ CtoC Cable

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