Elegant Blue Dinner Set- Trigo Series

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  1. Color:                            Blue
  2. Material:                       Ceramic
  3. Country of Origin:        Bangladesh
  4. Quality:                         A Class
  5. Delivery Period:           72 Hours inside Dhaka City only
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    Instant change if there is a current issue on the product
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Presenting our Trigo Blue Dinner Set: a place where sophistication and the serene depths of the sea come together!

With colours that evoke calm waves and azure skies, this gorgeous blue dinner set will enhance your eating experience. Each piece is expertly crafted and radiates sophistication, and the soothing blue tones bring a little peace to your table. With our Trigo Blue Dinner Set, you may uplift your meals and lose yourself in an ocean of classic beauty.

Savour each bite with your senses, letting the subtle flavors blend in harmony with the calming ambience. As you devour, allow your thoughts to wander to far-off places; each bite will carry you to the idyllic coastlines in your fantasies.

Allow each taste to transport you to the serene beaches of your dreams

Heat Endurance:

  • Oven Proof
  • Thermal Shock Resistant

Durability Assurance:

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Abrasion/Scratch Resistant

Product Description & Set Combination:

36 Pcs  Set Details:

Triangle Dinner Plate 6 pcs
Half Plate 6 pcs
bowl 6 pcs
Cup 6 pcs
Saucer 6 pcs
Round Deep plate 1 pc
Organic bowl 1 pc
Oval Platter 2 pcs
Large Curry bowl 2

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Elegant Blue Dinner Set- Trigo Series

14,999.00৳ 24,400.00৳  (-39%)

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