• Payment of fees – Each application form will be accompanied by a fee of USD 250 or its equivalent Indian rupees for each Brand for each category of cosmetics as mentioned in Column 3 of the table.
  • In any existing valid Registration Certificate – If the applicant wants to add any further brand or product of an already registered category as mentioned in Column 3 of the table for the same manufacturer, separate application will need to be submitted by the importer. But this time no fee will be charged. In such cases, additional product permission will be given to the already approved category in a Registration Certificate.
  • Regarding the essential document power of Attorney – It should mention the list the names of all cosmetic products along with their trade names, Brand as per Column 2 of the table. It should also clearly show variants for example, colour, shades, pack sizes, etc. Further, the name of the cosmetics should be like those mentioned in Form 42.

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