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    High-Quality Multi-Function...

    1. High-Quality Multi-Functional japan-Capsule Cutter Blender Mixer Grinder Chopper

    2. 4 Powerful Blades.
    3. Press at a time, simple operation.
    4. Convenient Clean.
    5. Because there four blades, power is sufficient and spee is preeminent.
    6. Put food materials, assemble machine body, and press down.
    7. Take out parts,except for machine body,so the entirety can be cleaned, being relaxed and convenient.
    8. Electrical machine has sufficient power, crushes easily, and reconciles food materials.
    9. Product name: Sealed multi function food processes.
    10. Size:width 11.3Xdepth 11.6Xheight 23.3cm
    11. Weight: About 1.04 kilogram
    12. Protective Voltage: Alternating voltage 220V-50Hz 200W
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