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    Juice Container With Tap

    • 3.5 Litre Juice / Liquids Dispenser With a Push Tap Made Of ABS Plastic Material
    • No need to worry about what kind of drinks to drink,
    • no need to worry about not having enough drinks, this container can hold 3.5L of drinks, and you don’t need to bring a lot of drinks when you go out for fun.
    • A cool kettle is enough.
    • Easy to open without rotation
    • It is very convenient to add water and ice, and the cleaning is also very thorough
    • 3.5L large capacity, enough for two people in one day
    • Food grade pp material, high temperature resistance, not afraid of temperature difference, can be poured directly into boiling water
    • Conveniently put in the refrigerator and does not take up space
    • With lifting ear design, easy to move
    • Pressing the faucet is faster and lasting
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